March 29rd All Events

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March 29th, 2007 (March 29 2007)DeathCalvin Lockhart, Bahamian actor (born in 1934)
March 29th, 2006 (March 29 2006)DeathSalvador Elizondo, Mexican writer (born in 1932)
March 29th, 2005 (March 29 2005)DeathJohnnie Cochran, American lawyer (born in 1937)Johnnie Cochran Quotes
March 29th, 2005 (March 29 2005)DeathMitch Hedberg, American comedian (born in 1968)Mitch Hedberg Quotes
March 29th, 2005 (March 29 2005)DeathMiltos Sahtouris, Greek poet (born in 1919)
March 29th, 2004 (March 29 2004)EventBulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia join NATO as full members.
March 29th, 2004 (March 29 2004)EventThe Republic of Ireland becomes the first country in the world to ban smoking in all work places, including bars and restaurants.
March 29th, 2003 (March 29 2003)DeathCarlo Urbani, Italian physician (SARS) (born in 1956)
March 29th, 2002 (March 29 2002)DeathRico Yan, Philippine Young Movie & TV Actor (born in 1975)
March 29th, 2002 (March 29 2002)DeathRachel Levy and Ayat al-Akhras, Israeli and Palestinian children
March 29th, 2001 (March 29 2001)DeathHelge Ingstad, Norwegian explorer (born in 1899)
March 29th, 2001 (March 29 2001)DeathJohn Lewis, American jazz pianist (born in 1920)
March 29th, 1999 (March 29 1999)EventThe Dow Jones Industrial Average closes at 10006.78 - above the 10,000 mark for the first time ever.
March 29th, 1999 (March 29 1999)DeathJoe Williams, American singer (born in 1918)
March 29th, 1996 (March 29 1996)DeathFrank Daniel, Czech-born writer, director, producer and teacher (born in 1926)
March 29th, 1996 (March 29 1996)DeathBill Goldsworthy, Canadian ice hockey player (born in 1944)
March 29th, 1995 (March 29 1995)DeathBaltimora, British singer (born in 1957)
March 29th, 1995 (March 29 1995)DeathTerry Moore, American baseball player (born in 1912)
March 29th, 1994 (March 29 1994)DeathBill Travers, British actor (born in 1922)
March 29th, 1993 (March 29 1993)EventCatherine Callbeck becomes premier of Prince Edward Island and Canada s first female to be elected in a general election as a premier.
March 29th, 1992 (March 29 1992)DeathPaul Henreid, Austrian actor (born in 1908)
March 29th, 1991 (March 29 1991)DeathLee Atwater, American political consultant (born in 1951)
March 29th, 1989 (March 29 1989)DeathBernard Blier, French actor (born in 1916)
March 29th, 1988 (March 29 1988)DeathTed Kluszewski, American baseball player (born in 1924)
March 29th, 1987 (March 29 1987)EventWrestlemania III sets a world indoor attendance record at the Pontiac Silverdome with 93,173 fans.
March 29th, 1986 (March 29 1986)BirthSylvan Ebanks-Blake, English footballer
March 29th, 1986 (March 29 1986)DeathHarry Ritz, American actor and comedian (born in 1907)
March 29th, 1985 (March 29 1985)BirthMaxim Lapierre, Canadian ice hockey forward
March 29th, 1985 (March 29 1985)BirthMickey Pimentel, National Football League linebacker
March 29th, 1985 (March 29 1985)DeathLuther Terry, Surgeon General of the United States (born in 1911)
March 29th, 1985 (March 29 1985)DeathJeanine Deckers, Belgian nun, The Singing Nun (born in 1933)
March 29th, 1983 (March 29 1983)BirthLuiza Sa, Brazilian musician
March 29th, 1982 (March 29 1982)EventThe Canada Act 1982 (U.K.) receives the Royal Assent from Queen Elizabeth II, setting the stage for the Queen of Canada to proclaim the Constitution Act, 1982.
March 29th, 1982 (March 29 1982)BirthHideaki Takizawa, Japanese artist
March 29th, 1982 (March 29 1982)DeathCarl Orff, German composer (born in 1895)
March 29th, 1982 (March 29 1982)DeathNathan Twining, USAF general (born in 1897)
March 29th, 1981 (March 29 1981)BirthMegan Hilty, American actress
March 29th, 1981 (March 29 1981)BirthJlloyd Samuel, WestIndian-born footballer
March 29th, 1980 (March 29 1980)BirthKim Tae Hee, South Korean actress
March 29th, 1980 (March 29 1980)BirthPrince Hamzah bin Al Hussein, of Jordan
March 29th, 1980 (March 29 1980)BirthAmy Mathews, Australian actress
March 29th, 1980 (March 29 1980)DeathMantovani, Italian-born conductor and arranger (born in 1905)
March 29th, 1978 (March 29 1978)BirthMichael Kaczurak, American singer and actor
March 29th, 1976 (March 29 1976)BirthIgor Astarloa, Spanish cyclist
March 29th, 1976 (March 29 1976)BirthJennifer Capriati, American tennis player
March 29th, 1974 (March 29 1974)EventNASA s Mariner 10 becomes the first spaceprobe to fly by Mercury. It was launched on November 3, 1973.
March 29th, 1974 (March 29 1974)BirthKristoffer Cusick, American actor
March 29th, 1974 (March 29 1974)BirthMarc Gene, Spanish racing car driver
March 29th, 1973 (March 29 1973)EventVietnam War: The last United States combat soldiers leave South Vietnam.
March 29th, 1973 (March 29 1973)BirthMarc Overmars, Dutch footballer
March 29th, 1973 (March 29 1973)BirthSebastiano Siviglia Italian footballer
March 29th, 1972 (March 29 1972)BirthMichel Ancel, French game designer
March 29th, 1972 (March 29 1972)BirthRui Costa, Portugal footballer
March 29th, 1972 (March 29 1972)BirthJunichi Suwabe, Japanese voice actor
March 29th, 1972 (March 29 1972)DeathLord J. Arthur Rank, British movie theater owner (born in 1888)
March 29th, 1971 (March 29 1971)EventMy Lai massacre: Lt. William Calley is convicted of premeditated murder and sentenced to life in prison.
March 29th, 1971 (March 29 1971)EventA Los Angeles, California jury recommends the death penalty for Charles Manson and three female followers.Charles Manson Quotes
March 29th, 1971 (March 29 1971)BirthLara Logan, South-African born journalist and reporter
March 29th, 1971 (March 29 1971)DeathDhirendranath Datta, Bangladeshi politician (born in 1886)
March 29th, 1970 (March 29 1970)DeathAnna Louise Strong, American communist journalist (born in 1885)
March 29th, 1968 (March 29 1968)BirthSue Foley, Canadian singer and guitarist
March 29th, 1968 (March 29 1968)BirthLucy Lawless, New Zealand actress and singer
March 29th, 1967 (March 29 1967)BirthBrian Jordan, American baseball player
March 29th, 1967 (March 29 1967)BirthJohn Popper, American musician
March 29th, 1965 (March 29 1965)BirthWilliam Oefelein, American Astronaut
March 29th, 1965 (March 29 1965)BirthVoula Patoulidou, Greek athlete
March 29th, 1965 (March 29 1965)BirthEmilios T. Harlaftis, Greek astrophysicist (died in 2005)
March 29th, 1964 (March 29 1964)BirthMichael A. Jackson, Maryland politicianMichael Jackson Quotes
March 29th, 1964 (March 29 1964)BirthElle Macpherson, Australian model
March 29th, 1961 (March 29 1961)EventThe Twenty-third Amendment to the United States Constitution is ratified, allowing residents of Washington, D.C. to vote in presidential elections.
March 29th, 1961 (March 29 1961)BirthMike Kingery, American baseball player
March 29th, 1961 (March 29 1961)BirthAmy Sedaris, American actress and comedian
March 29th, 1961 (March 29 1961)BirthGary Brabham, Australian racing driver
March 29th, 1959 (March 29 1959)BirthBarry Blanchard, Canadian mountaineer
March 29th, 1959 (March 29 1959)BirthPerry Farrell, American musician
March 29th, 1959 (March 29 1959)BirthBrad McCrimmon, Canadian ice hockey player
March 29th, 1959 (March 29 1959)DeathBarthelemy Boganda, first President of the Central African Republic (born in 1910)
March 29th, 1958 (March 29 1958)BirthVictor Salva, American film director
March 29th, 1957 (March 29 1957)BirthChristopher Lambert, French actor
March 29th, 1957 (March 29 1957)DeathJoyce Cary, Irish author (born in 1888)
March 29th, 1956 (March 29 1956)BirthPatty Donahue, American singer (died in 1996)
March 29th, 1956 (March 29 1956)BirthStephen Cole, English journalist
March 29th, 1956 (March 29 1956)BirthKurt Thomas, American gymnast
March 29th, 1956 (March 29 1956)DeathInfante Alfonso of Spain (born in 1941)
March 29th, 1955 (March 29 1955)BirthEarl Campbell, American football player
March 29th, 1955 (March 29 1955)BirthBrendan Gleeson, Irish actor
March 29th, 1955 (March 29 1955)BirthChristopher Lawford, Irish actor
March 29th, 1955 (March 29 1955)BirthMarina Sirtis, English actress
March 29th, 1954 (March 29 1954)BirthDianne Kay, American actress
March 29th, 1954 (March 29 1954)BirthKaren Ann Quinlan, American right-to-die cause celebre (died in 1985)
March 29th, 1952 (March 29 1952)BirthTeofilo Stevenson, Cuban boxer
March 29th, 1951 (March 29 1951)EventEthel and Julius Rosenberg are convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage.
March 29th, 1949 (March 29 1949)BirthKeith Simpson, British politician
March 29th, 1949 (March 29 1949)BirthMichael Brecker, American jazz saxophonist (died in 2007)
March 29th, 1949 (March 29 1949)BirthJohn Arthur Spenkelink, American murderer (died in 1979)
March 29th, 1948 (March 29 1948)BirthBud Cort, American actor
March 29th, 1948 (March 29 1948)DeathOlev Siinmaa, Estonian architect (born in 1881)
March 29th, 1947 (March 29 1947)BirthBobby Kimball, American singer
March 29th, 1946 (March 29 1946)BirthBilly Thorpe, Australian singer (died in 2007)
March 29th, 1945 (March 29 1945)EventWorld War II: Last day of V-1 flying bomb attacks on England.
March 29th, 1945 (March 29 1945)BirthWalt Frazier, American basketball player
March 29th, 1944 (March 29 1944)BirthTerry Jacks, Canadian musician, songwriter, and activist
March 29th, 1944 (March 29 1944)BirthDenny McLain, American baseball player
March 29th, 1943 (March 29 1943)BirthEric Idle, English actor, writer, and composerEric Idle Quotes
March 29th, 1943 (March 29 1943)BirthSir John Major, former Prime Minister of the United KingdomJohn Major Quotes
March 29th, 1943 (March 29 1943)BirthVangelis, Greek musician and composer
March 29th, 1942 (March 29 1942)EventThe Bombing of Lubeck in World War II was the first major success for the RAF Bomber Command against Germany and a German city.
March 29th, 1941 (March 29 1941)EventWorld War II: British Royal Navy and Royal Australian Navy forces defeat those of the Italian Regia Marina off the Peloponnesus coast of Greece in the Battle of Cape Matapan.
March 29th, 1941 (March 29 1941)BirthJoseph Hooton Taylor, Jr., American astrophysicist, Nobel laureate
March 29th, 1941 (March 29 1941)BirthEden Kane, British singer
March 29th, 1940 (March 29 1940)BirthRay Davis, American musician (died in 2005)
March 29th, 1940 (March 29 1940)BirthAstrud Gilberto, Brazilian singer
March 29th, 1940 (March 29 1940)DeathAlexander Obolensky, Russian prince and famed Rugby Union footballer who played for England.(born in 1916)
March 29th, 1939 (March 29 1939)BirthTerence Hill, Italian actor
March 29th, 1939 (March 29 1939)BirthRoland Arnall, American businessman and diplomat (died in 2008).
March 29th, 1937 (March 29 1937)BirthBilly Carter, brother of Jimmy Carter (died in 1988)Jimmy Carter Quotes
March 29th, 1937 (March 29 1937)DeathKarol Szymanowski, Polish composer (born in 1882)
March 29th, 1936 (March 29 1936)EventIn Germany, Adolf Hitler receives 99% of the votes in a referendum to ratify Germany s illegal reoccupation of the Rhineland, receiving 44.5 million votes out of 45.5 million registered voters.Adolf Hitler Quotes
March 29th, 1936 (March 29 1936)BirthJudith Guest, American author
March 29th, 1936 (March 29 1936)BirthMogens Camre, Danish politician
March 29th, 1934 (March 29 1934)BirthPaul Crouch, American televangelist
March 29th, 1934 (March 29 1934)DeathOtto Hermann Kahn, German millionaire and benefactor (born in 1867)
March 29th, 1933 (March 29 1933)BirthJacques Brault, French Canadian poet
March 29th, 1931 (March 29 1931)BirthAleksei Gubarev, Soviet cosmonaut
March 29th, 1931 (March 29 1931)BirthNorman Tebbit, British politician
March 29th, 1930 (March 29 1930)EventHeinrich Bruning is appointed German Reichskanzler.
March 29th, 1929 (March 29 1929)BirthLennart Meri, President of Estonia (died in 2006)
March 29th, 1929 (March 29 1929)BirthRichard Lewontin, American biologist
March 29th, 1929 (March 29 1929)BirthUtpal Dutt, Indian actor (died in 1993)
March 29th, 1928 (March 29 1928)BirthVincent Gigante, American mafioso (died in 2005)
March 29th, 1927 (March 29 1927)BirthJohn McLaughlin, American political commentator
March 29th, 1927 (March 29 1927)BirthJohn Robert Vane, English pharmacologist, Nobel laureate (died in 2004)
March 29th, 1924 (March 29 1924)DeathCharles Villiers Stanford, Irish composer (born in 1852)
March 29th, 1920 (March 29 1920)BirthJohn Belk, American head of Belk, Inc. (died in 2007)
March 29th, 1919 (March 29 1919)BirthEileen Heckart, American actress (died in 2001)
March 29th, 1918 (March 29 1918)BirthPearl Bailey, American singer and actress (died in 1990)
March 29th, 1918 (March 29 1918)BirthSam Walton, American businessman (died in 1992)
March 29th, 1917 (March 29 1917)BirthMan o War, American thoroughbred racehorse (died in 1947)
March 29th, 1916 (March 29 1916)BirthEugene McCarthy, American politician (died in 2005)Eugene McCarthy Quotes
March 29th, 1914 (March 29 1914)BirthPhil Foster, American actor (died in 1985)
March 29th, 1913 (March 29 1913)BirthTony Zale, American boxer (died in 1997)
March 29th, 1913 (March 29 1913)BirthR. S. Thomas, Welsh poet (died in 2000)
March 29th, 1912 (March 29 1912)BirthHanna Reitsch, German test pilot (died in 1979)
March 29th, 1912 (March 29 1912)DeathHenry Robertson Bowersmember of the Scott Expedition to the South Pole (born in 1883)Robert South Quotes
March 29th, 1912 (March 29 1912)DeathSir Robert Falcon Scott, English explorermember of the Scott Expedition to the South Pole (born in 1868)Robert South Quotes
March 29th, 1912 (March 29 1912)DeathEdward Adrian Wilson, English physician and naturalistmember of the Scott Expedition to the South Pole (born in 1872)
March 29th, 1911 (March 29 1911)BirthBrigitte Horney, German actress (died in 1988)
March 29th, 1908 (March 29 1908)BirthArthur O Connell, American actor (died in 1981)
March 29th, 1908 (March 29 1908)BirthDennis O Keefe, American actor (died in 1968)
March 29th, 1907 (March 29 1907)Birth"Braguinha", Brazilian songwriter (died in 2006)
March 29th, 1906 (March 29 1906)BirthE. Power Biggs American concert organist (died in 1977)
March 29th, 1906 (March 29 1906)DeathSlava Raskaj, Croatian painter (born in 1878)
March 29th, 1905 (March 29 1905)BirthPhilip Ahn, American actor (died in 1978)
March 29th, 1902 (March 29 1902)BirthMarcel Ayme, French writer (died in 1967)
March 29th, 1902 (March 29 1902)BirthWilliam Walton, English composer (died in 1983)
March 29th, 1901 (March 29 1901)BirthAndrija Maurovic, Croatian illustrator (died in 1981)
March 29th, 1900 (March 29 1900)BirthJohn McEwen, eighteenth Prime Minister of Australia (died in 1980)
March 29th, 1900 (March 29 1900)BirthBill Aston, British racing driver (died in 1974)
March 29th, 1899 (March 29 1899)BirthLavrenty Beria, Soviet Communist leader (died in 1953)
March 29th, 1895 (March 29 1895)BirthErnst Junger, German author (died in 1998)
March 29th, 1892 (March 29 1892)BirthJozsef Cardinal Mindszenty, Hungarian Catholic cardinal (died in 1975)
March 29th, 1891 (March 29 1891)BirthYvan Goll, French-German writer (died in 1950)
March 29th, 1891 (March 29 1891)BirthAlfred Neubauer, German racing team manager (Mercedes Benz) (died in 1980)
March 29th, 1889 (March 29 1889)BirthWarner Baxter, American actor (died in 1951)
March 29th, 1888 (March 29 1888)BirthEnea Bossi, Italian-American engineer and aviation pioneer (died in 1963)
March 29th, 1888 (March 29 1888)DeathCharles-Valentin Alkan, French composer (born in 1813)
March 29th, 1886 (March 29 1886)EventDr. John Pemberton brews the first batch of Coca-Cola in a backyard in Atlanta, Georgia.
March 29th, 1882 (March 29 1882)EventThe Knights of Columbus are established.
March 29th, 1879 (March 29 1879)EventAnglo-Zulu War: Battle of Kambula: British forces defeat 20,000 Zulus.
March 29th, 1874 (March 29 1874)BirthLou Hoover, First Lady of the United States (died in 1944)
March 29th, 1873 (March 29 1873)BirthTullio Levi-Civita, Italian mathematician (died in 1941)
March 29th, 1873 (March 29 1873)DeathFrancesco Zantedeschi, Italian physicist (born in 1797)
March 29th, 1871 (March 29 1871)EventThe Royal Albert Hall is opened by Queen Victoria.
March 29th, 1870 (March 29 1870)BirthPavlos Melas, Greek officer who organized and participated in the Greek Struggle for Macedonia (died in 1904)
March 29th, 1869 (March 29 1869)BirthAles Hrdlicka, Czech anthropologist living in the United States (died in 1943)
March 29th, 1867 (March 29 1867)EventQueen Victoria gives Royal Assent to the British North America Act which establishes the Dominion of Canada on July 1.
March 29th, 1867 (March 29 1867)BirthCy Young, American baseball player (died in 1955)
March 29th, 1865 (March 29 1865)EventAmerican Civil War: The Battle of Appomattox Court House begins.
March 29th, 1857 (March 29 1857)EventSepoy Mangal Pandey of the 34th Regiment, Bengal Native Infantry revolts against the British rule in India and inspires a long-drawn War of Independence of 1857 also known as the Sepoy Mutiny.
March 29th, 1855 (March 29 1855)DeathHenri Druey, Swiss Federal Councilor (born in 1799)
March 29th, 1849 (March 29 1849)EventThe United Kingdom annexes the Punjab.
March 29th, 1848 (March 29 1848)DeathJohn Jacob Astor, American businessman (born in 1763)
March 29th, 1847 (March 29 1847)EventMexican-American War: United States forces led by General Winfield Scott take Veracruz after a siege.
March 29th, 1831 (March 29 1831)EventGreat Bosnian uprising: Bosniak rebel against Turkey.
March 29th, 1826 (March 29 1826)BirthWilhelm Liebknecht, German journalist and politician (died in 1900)
March 29th, 1826 (March 29 1826)DeathJohann Heinrich Vo?, German poet (born in 1751)
March 29th, 1824 (March 29 1824)BirthLudwig Buchner, German philosopher and physician (died in 1899) Philo Quotes
March 29th, 1809 (March 29 1809)EventKing Gustav IV Adolf of Sweden abdicates after a coup d etat. At the Diet of Porvoo, Finland s four Estates pledge allegiance to Alexander I of Russia, commencing the secession of the Grand Duchy of Finland from Sweden.Alexander Men Quotes
March 29th, 1806 (March 29 1806)EventConstruction is authorized of the Great National Pike, better known as the Cumberland Road, becoming the first United States federal highway.
March 29th, 1803 (March 29 1803)DeathGottfried van Swieten, Dutch composer (born in 1733)
March 29th, 1800 (March 29 1800)DeathMarc Rene, marquis de Montalembert, French military engineer and writer (born in 1714)
March 29th, 1799 (March 29 1799)EventNew York passes a law aimed at gradually abolishing slavery in the state.
March 29th, 1799 (March 29 1799)BirthEdward Smith-Stanley, 14th Earl of Derby, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (died in 1869)
March 29th, 1792 (March 29 1792)EventKing Gustav III of Sweden dies after being shot in the back at a midnight masquerade ball at Stockholm s Royal Opera just 13 days earlier. He is succeeded by Gustav IV Adolf.
March 29th, 1792 (March 29 1792)DeathKing Gustav III of Sweden (shot) (born in 1746)
March 29th, 1790 (March 29 1790)BirthJohn Tyler, 10th President of the United States (died in 1862)John Tyler Quotes
March 29th, 1788 (March 29 1788)DeathCharles Wesley, English Methodist hymnist (born in 1707)
March 29th, 1772 (March 29 1772)DeathEmanuel Swedenborg, Swedish philosopher and mathematician (born in 1688)Emanuel Swedenborg Quotes
March 29th, 1769 (March 29 1769)BirthNicolas Jean de Dieu Soult, French marshal (died in 1851)
March 29th, 1751 (March 29 1751)DeathThomas Coram, English sea captain and philanthropist
March 29th, 1746 (March 29 1746)BirthCarlo Buonaparte, father of Napoleon Bonaparte (died in 1785)Napoleon Bonaparte Quotes
March 29th, 1713 (March 29 1713)BirthJohn Ponsonby, Irish politician (died in 1789)
March 29th, 1683 (March 29 1683)DeathYaoya Oshichi, a young girl burned at the stake for arson in 17th Century Japan (born in 1667)
March 29th, 1668 (March 29 1668)BirthThomas Coram, Founder of the Foundling Hospital (died in 1751)
March 29th, 1638 (March 29 1638)EventSwedish colonists establish the first settlement in Delaware, naming it New Sweden.
March 29th, 1632 (March 29 1632)EventTreaty of Saint-Germain is signed, returning Quebec to French control after the English had seized it in 1629.
March 29th, 1629 (March 29 1629)DeathJacob de Gheyn II, Dutch artist (born in 1565)
March 29th, 1628 (March 29 1628)DeathTobias Matthew, Archbishop of York (born in 1546)
March 29th, 1625 (March 29 1625)DeathAntonio de Herrera y Tordesillas, Spanish historian (born in 1549)
March 29th, 1602 (March 29 1602)BirthJohn Lightfoot, English churchman (died in 1675)
March 29th, 1584 (March 29 1584)BirthFerdinando Fairfax, 2nd Lord Fairfax of Cameron, English general (died in 1648)
March 29th, 1578 (March 29 1578)DeathArthur Champernowne, English admiral (born in 1524)
March 29th, 1578 (March 29 1578)DeathLouis I, Cardinal of Guise, French cardinal (born in 1527)
March 29th, 1553 (March 29 1553)BirthVitsentzos Kornaros, Greek Renaissance poet (died in 1613 or 1614)
March 29th, 1549 (March 29 1549)EventThe city of Salvador da Bahia, the first capital of Brazil, is founded.
March 29th, 1461 (March 29 1461)EventWars of the Roses: Battle of TowtonEdward of York defeats Queen Margaret to become King Edward IV of England.
March 29th, 1461 (March 29 1461)DeathHenry Percy, 3rd Earl of Northumberland, English politician (born in 1421)
March 29th, 1368 (March 29 1368)DeathEmperor Go-Murakami, Emperor of Japan (born in 1328)
March 29th, 1058 (March 29 1058)DeathPope Stephen IX (born in c.1020)

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