March 29 2007

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March 29th, 2007 (March 29 2007)DeathCalvin Lockhart, Bahamian actor (born in 1934)
March 29th, 1987 (March 29 1987)EventWrestlemania III sets a world indoor attendance record at the Pontiac Silverdome with 93,173 fans.
March 29th, 1967 (March 29 1967)BirthBrian Jordan, American baseball player
March 29th, 1967 (March 29 1967)BirthJohn Popper, American musician
March 29th, 1957 (March 29 1957)BirthChristopher Lambert, French actor
March 29th, 1957 (March 29 1957)DeathJoyce Cary, Irish author (born in 1888)
March 29th, 1947 (March 29 1947)BirthBobby Kimball, American singer
March 29th, 1937 (March 29 1937)BirthBilly Carter, brother of Jimmy Carter (died in 1988)Jimmy Carter Quotes
March 29th, 1937 (March 29 1937)DeathKarol Szymanowski, Polish composer (born in 1882)
March 29th, 1927 (March 29 1927)BirthJohn McLaughlin, American political commentator
March 29th, 1927 (March 29 1927)BirthJohn Robert Vane, English pharmacologist, Nobel laureate (died in 2004)
March 29th, 1917 (March 29 1917)BirthMan o War, American thoroughbred racehorse (died in 1947)
March 29th, 1907 (March 29 1907)Birth"Braguinha", Brazilian songwriter (died in 2006)
March 29th, 1867 (March 29 1867)EventQueen Victoria gives Royal Assent to the British North America Act which establishes the Dominion of Canada on July 1.
March 29th, 1867 (March 29 1867)BirthCy Young, American baseball player (died in 1955)
March 29th, 1857 (March 29 1857)EventSepoy Mangal Pandey of the 34th Regiment, Bengal Native Infantry revolts against the British rule in India and inspires a long-drawn War of Independence of 1857 also known as the Sepoy Mutiny.
March 29th, 1847 (March 29 1847)EventMexican-American War: United States forces led by General Winfield Scott take Veracruz after a siege.

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